The Northwestern Naturalist

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Articles which have featured in previous issues are, as follows:

Historical Changes in the Extent of Hedgerow and Woodland in the New Mills AreaRon Weston111999
Obituary - Professor Brian William Fox F.L.S.A.V. Smith111999
Interesting finds - An Unusual Beetle [Laemostenus terricola] in an Unusual PlaceS. Dobson121999
Interesting finds - A Rare Water Beetle [Hydrochara caraboides]S.J. McWilliam121999
Interesting finds - FungiJ.L. Taylor121999
The Dryopteris affinis GroupBarbara Porter121999
Lobed Maidenhair Spleenwort - A Cheshire FernJonathan Guest121999
Book Review - Ireland - A Natural History by David CabotE.P. McCann121999
Rubus Report, Autumn 1999Dave Earl132000
Book Review - Flora of County Dublin by Declan Doogue et. al.E.P. McCann132000
Interesting Finds, A Moss - Octodiceras fontanum in the Ashton CanalDave Earl132000
Earlier arrival and nesting by Reed Warblers at a site in north CheshireMalcolm Calvert132000
Obituary - Miss Ann TallantireDr M.E. Newton132000
Book Review - Lichens by Oliver GilbertE.P. McCann212000
Rubus Report, Spring 2000Dave Earl212000
Interesting Finds - A Fungus - Creolophus cirrhatus in the Wigan AreaJoyce Riley212000
Interesting Finds - Interesting Finds from Suburban Lawns and GardensDave Earl212000
Interesting Finds - A Find in the Highland Folk Museum (A broom made from Polytrichum commune)A.V. Smith212000
Interesting Finds - Food for Thought (and blackbirds)A.V. Smith212000
Interesting Finds - A Rare Hybrid Fern [Asplenophyllitis confluens] in StaffordshireB. Porter212000
Obituary - Mr Fred SlaterDr. M.E. Newton212000
A Field Key to SphagnumMike Walton212000
Book Review - The Liverwort Flora of the British Isles by J.A. PatonDr M.E. Newton222000
Book Review - The Sands of Time by P.H. SmithDr M.E. Newton222000
Rubus Report, Autumn 2000Dave Earl222000
Interesting Finds - A Small Angle Shades Moth in a Lancashire Mine AditMax Moseley222000
Interesting Finds - The Moss Octodiceras fontanumDr M.E. Newton222000
Interesting Finds - Yellow Bird's-Nest, Monotropa hypopitys L.Mrs A.R. Locksley222000
Redbrow WoodA.V. Smith (ed.)222000
Some Common MossesFred Slater222000
rECOrd - Biodiversity Information SystemSteve J. McWilliam232000
Recording Vascular Plants in South LancashireDave Earl232000
Rubus Report, Winter 2000Dave Earl 232000
The North Western Naturalist - Old Editions 1953-1955Barbara Porter232000
Ramblings of a Cheshire NaturalistJonathan Guest232000
Observations of the Trees in Happy Valley, BramhallL.A. Dobson232000
Hieracium, Hawkweeds in South Lancashire, VC59Mrs A.R. Locksley232000
Interesting Finds - Boettgerilla pallensMax Moseley312001
Interesting Finds - Persicaria capitata in VC58 and VC59Dave Earl312001
Biodiversity in BoltonBolton Biodiversity Group312001
Improvements Have Attracted New Wildlife To The Wigan FlashesMark H. Campion312001
Leaf Mines - A BeginningEric Kearns312001
Passengers' ViewsDiana Downing312001
Butterfly Conservation at HomeKeith Bland312001
Interested in Wildlife and the Environment? [Biodiversity Information System]Steve J. McWilliam322001
The Bryophyte Collections of Anthony Gregory. [Donation to Bolton Museum]Mrs P.M.A. Francis322001
Vascular Plants of the Macclesfield and Peak Forest canalsRachel E. Hunter &
Eric Kearns
Obituary - Doris N. AshPriscilla Tolfree322001
The British Red SquirrelGayle Peacock332002
Rubus Report, Winter 2001Dave Earl332002
Rehousing the Herbarium of Liverpool Museum. 412002
A Field Key to BasidiomycetesNorman Bamforth412002
Manchester Herbarium Field trip, August 2001Barbara Porter412002
The Boggart Hole Clough ProjectDave Earl422002
Obituary - Bess HarthanMargaret Brown422002
Dean Wood Invertebrate Survey, 2001Hannah Barlow &
Dr Paul A Ashton
Dispersal of young Reed Warblers from a breeding site in north CheshireMalcolm Calvert432003
Watch out for DicranopalpusStan Dobson432003
Book review - Aidgap Key - British Plant Galls: identification of galls on plants and fungiMike Walton432003
The Birds of Grimsargh ReservoirsDavid Hindle512003
Reddish Vale Butterfly ParkEric Kearns512003
Bryophytes at the Bus StopHeather McHaffie522003
Local Change Project - South LancashireDave Earl522003
Collecting Plants is not a Sin, UsuallyJohn Lowell522003
Significant Herbarium Collections of South Lancashire Specimens at
Bolton Museum
Patricia Francis522003
Back from the Dead [Revival of the Manchester Ship Canal]Keith Hendry532004
An interesting reservoir moss [Physcomitrium sphaericum]John Lowell532004
Bryophyte survey of arable fields [Progress report for some South Lancashire tetrads]Audrey Locksley532004
Healey Dell, RochdalePatricia Tolfree532004
The Biodiversity Action Plane Cranefly, Lipsothrix nigristigma, in LancashireAndy Godfrey612004
Book Review - The Lichen Flora of CheshireE.P. McCann612004
Bryophytes abound on the Wildlife Trust's Reserves in East LancashireJohn Lamb612004
Epiphytic mosses returning to south Lancashire - How to name themJohn Lowell622004
Reddish Vale Butterfly Park - Plant recording 2003Eric Kearns622004
The beetle Metoecus paradoxus - Attracted to polishMary Keenan622004
Has Speckled Wood influenced the disappearance of Wall Brown in Cheshire?Melanie Gibbs622004
Shield Bugs from a Wirral gardenIan Wallace622004
A comparison of rainfall and temperature variation with the occurrence of fungi at the Ainsdale National Nature ReserveMike Walton632005
Winter WanderersAntony Wainwright632005
South Lancashire Flora Display at the BSBI Exhibition Meeting at Manchester MuseumAudrey Locksley et al632005
Bank Holiday GardeningPatricia Francis712005
Modern Vandals [Problems of increased access]Tony Smith722005
Good news for once [Spread of the Nuthatch - Sitta europaea]David Farnworth722005
A naturalist by default? [Observation of female Dunnock 'teaching' its youngsters]Tony Smith722005
The spiders in your house - an updateStan Dobson722005
The life and times of some early Lancashire botanistsEric Greenwood732006
Adventurous wild flowersDiana Downing732006
Untold treausres; the Manchester Museum HerbariumSuzanne Grieve732006
Urban RabbitsPatricia Francis732006
Seven Acres Nature Reserve, Bolton - Butterfly Survey 2005James Hall812006
Book Review; Mosses & Liverworts, New Naturalist No. 97Paul Hanson812006
The Lesser Silver Water Beetle - Hydrochara caraboides - in CheshireAndy Harmer822006
Garden Guests - attracting wild birds to your gardenPatricia Francis822006
Book Review - Fungi - New Naturalist no. 96John Taylor822006
New Studies in the Grindon Herbarium, The Manchester Museum and other recent GrindoniaDaniel Q. King832007
White-Letter Hairstreak at Wallsuches, Horwich, Bolton Jill Mills832007
GPS and Plant RecordingDr John Lowell832007
Interesting Finds: Late Large White Caterpillars Patricia Francis832007
Book Review, The Wild Flower Key: New Edition Paul Hanson832007
Manchester Museum and MeBabrbara Porter912007
A Note on Phenology in North West DerbyshireA.V. Smith912007
Wigan and District Field Club 1945 - 2007E Stephenson922007
Beware of StatisticsS Dobson922007
Bad Diet for Urban Fox CubsJ Lowell922007
Dunham Park & Bridgewater Canal Field ReportA Locksley922007
A Note about Packed LunchesS Dobson922007
Rubus Report 2007D Earl922007
The Intrigues of Seed DisperalMargaret Brown932008
My Favourite FlowerEric Kearns932008
Book Review - Sedges of the British IslesPaul Ashton932008
DVD Review - British Ferns, Clubmosses, Quillworts and HorsetailsJohn Lowell932008
Finding elusive grid reference pointsStan Dobson1012008
Lets learn from plants!A V Smith1012008
The North West Slow-worm HuntDavid Orchard1012008
The Manchester Herbarium 62 years agoErica Swales1012008
Volunteers needed for a study into recent declines in the Small TortoiseshellOwen Lewis1012008
Promoting your club or societySteve Halliwell1022008
Doffcocker Lodge Nature Reserve, BoltonRick Parker1022008
Potential Biodiversity Action Plan Species in LancashireDave Earl1022008
Guides to north west plant goups (see)John Lowell1022008
A Century for Nelson NaturalistsDavid Nelson1032009
Notable Members of Nelson Naturalists SocietyEddie Sutcliffe1032009
National Moth Night 2009Shane Farrell1032009
NWNU bryophyte and lichen annual reportJohn Lowell1032009
NWNU vascular plant report 2007Dave Earl.1032009
NWNU vascular plant report 2008Dave Earl.1032009
Lichens in south LancashireNorman Bamforth1112009
The National Biodiversity Network Gateway, a mine of informationJohn Lowell1112009
Interesting finds - Crocus nudiflorus.1112009
Altrincham & District Natural History Society M Hickson & M Pettipher 11 2 2009
From a Feather via Avian Corpses to Skins [autobiographical] RB Girling 11 2 2009
NWNU Bryophyte & Lichen Section Report for 2009 J Lowell 11 3 2010
NWNU Vascular Plant Section Report for 2009 D Earl 11 3 2010
The British Pteridological Society and the Manchester and North Midlands Fern Group Y Golding 11 3 2010
The Wildlife of Eagle Brook Valley, Bolton B Deed 11 3 2010
An Evening's Botanical Ramble N Bamforth 12 1 2010
Birdwatching and the Law A Wilkinson 12 1 2010
Cheshire Active Naturalists C Washington 12 1 2010
An Amphipod New to Cheshire: Arcitalitrus dorrieni Author 12 1 2010
The Greater Manchester Records Centre . 12 1 2010
Hale Ornithologists . 12 1 2010
The Vanished Biodiversity of the Reddish Canal E Swale 12 2 2010
Meadow Management for Autumn Crocus at Chew Moor, Lostock, Bolton F Lovell 12 2 2010
Bioblitz in Cuerden Valley Park D Beattie 12 3 2011
Vascular Plant Section Report for 2010 D Earl 12 3 2011
Bryophyte & Lichen Section Report for 2010 D Callaghan 12 3 2011
Manchester & North Midlands Fern & Lycophyte Section Report for 2010 Y Goulding 12 3 2011
Looking Back [An early record of Fallopia Japonica in the north west] P Francis 13 1 2011
White Satin Moths - Leucoma salicis SJ Blackbird 13 1 2011
A Closer Look at a Smaller Patch S Priestley 13 1 2011
The Discovery of Ringlet (Aphantopus hyperantus) in the Oldham Area in 2011 S Smith 13 2 2011
Horrible or Beautiful ? ['Tree' Wasp Dolichovespula media] J Riley 13 2 2011
Obituary for Colin Smith FRPS P Kirk 13 2 2011
May Bug in Bury P Francis 13 2 2011
Vascular Plant Section Report for 2011D Earl1412012
Bryophyte & Lichen Section Report for 2011D Callaghan1412012
The Oldham Butterfly Survey - 2012S Smith1412012
Manchester and North Midlands Fern & Lycophytes Section report for 2011Y Golding1412012
Vascular Plant Section Report for 2012D Earl1422012
Manchester and North Midlands Fern & Lycophytes Section report for 2012Author1422012
Oldham Butterfly Survey: a 2012 update on Ringlet (Aphantopus hyperatus)S Smith & P Francis1422012
Brypohyte & Lichen Section Report for 2012N Bamforth et. al1422012
Where have all the flowers (and everything else) gone?N Bamforth1512013
Rochdale Field Naturalists' Society: A ProfileR Cowley1512013
Vascular Plant Section Report 2013D Earl1522013
Brypophye & Lichen Section Report 2013N Bamforth & M Newton1522013
Oldham Butterfly Survey: the Ringlet (Aphantopus hyperatus) 2011 - 2013S Smith1522013
Leonard Kidd obituaryP Francis1522013
Shark Tagging in Liverpool BayS Blackbird1612014
Yellow TreesN Bamforth1612014
Winter Birds in Werneth Park, OldhamS Smith1612014
Vascular Plant Section Report 2014D Earl 1622014
Bryophyte & Lichen Section Report 2014N Bamforth et. al.1622014
This is one bird we can help - the SwiftE Mayer 1622014
The Green Hairstreak - Callophrys rubi - in 2014S Smith1622014
Grass Snakes - Natrix natrix - in Liverpool 1957 - 1967P Whitehead1712015
Interesting Finds - Hogweed Variety and Greater Cuckoo Flower 1712015
A Dormitory for Swallows 1712015
Vascular Plant Section Report 2015D Earl1722016
Brypophyte and Lichen Section Report 2015N Bamforth et. al.1722016
Round Roddlesworth: the First Fungus Foray for 2016John Watt1812017
Wanted - Large Spiders from the Southport AreaGeoff Oxford1812017
The Biodiverse Society ProjectJoanne Brierley-Moore1812017
Vascular Plant Section Report 2016D Earl1822017
Brypophyte and Lichen Section Report 2016N Bamforth et. al.1822017
Introduction to Rostherne Mere National Nature Reserve..... Rupert Randall 18 2 2017
Obituary - Jack Slater 19 1 2018
Unusual Bird Behaviour Amanda Brown 19 1 2018
More Unusual Bird Behaviour Patricia Francis 19 1 2018
N.W.N.U Bryophyte and Lichen Section Report - 2017 Norman Bamforth 19 2 2018
N.W.N.U. Vascular Plant Section Report - 2017 David Earl 19 2 2018
Wildlife Corridors Katie Chambers 19 2 2018
Obituary - Harry Shorrock 19 2 2018
Obituary - Rita Cook 20 1 2018
RECORD Eric Fletcher 20 1 2018
N.W.N.U. Bryophyte and Lichen Section Report - 2018 Norman Bamforth 20 2 2019
N.W.N.U. Manchester and North Midlands Fern Group Section Report - 2018 Mike Canaway 20 2 2019
N.W.N.U. Vascular Plant Section Report 2018 David Earl 20 2 2019
Hay Time Rescue Project 2018 - 2019 Carol Edmondson 20 2 2018
Nantwich Natural History Society a different approach to running a society Bob Anderson 21 1 2019